What Technologies Are Used For Skin Tightening?

What Technologies Are Used For Skin
Before you buy a skin tightening device, you should find out more about the different
technologies. Radiofrequency, cryotherapy, Infrared heat, and Microneedling are some of the
most common technologies used for skin tightening permanent hair removal. We’ll explain each of these in this article. To
find the right skin tightening device, read our reviews below. There are also many other products
that use a combination of these techniques.

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RF (radiofrequency) skin tightening is a cosmetic procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to
target lax skin and promote collagen production. The device is effective for mild cases of
sagging skin on the face, neck, abdomen, and thighs. Several treatments a year can maintain
the tightening results. The FDA has cleared this treatment as safe. If you are considering this
procedure, speak to your plastic surgeon.
The use of cold temperatures in cryotherapy for skin tightening is not a new concept. The
process works by freezing the body’s fat cells, which is a proven method for shrinking unwanted
fat deposits. The rapid changes in temperature stimulate the skin’s cells, which in turn increases
collagen production and elasticity. The treatment can also benefit hair and nail health and reduce
cellulite. It burns up to 800 calories per session.
Infrared heat
The benefits of infrared heat for skin tightening are many and varied. Its low-level heat is
absorbed by the deeper layers of the skin, while continuous contact cooling keeps the outer
layer cool. This treatment is considered to be nearly painless, but patients may experience a
warm sensation during the procedure. The benefits of infrared heat for skin tightening outweigh
the risks.

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The process of microneedling is an effective way to tighten your skin. Microneedling works by
creating tiny channels in the skin to permit radiofrequency waves to penetrate and tighten the
skin and fat below. The procedure typically lasts about two hours. Depending on the severity of
the skin problem, four to eight treatments may be necessary to achieve the desired results.
Patients may experience pain, so a topical anesthetic is usually applied before the procedure to
minimize any discomfort.

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Author: Evelyn Obrien