How The Naked Url Works And The Best Way To Optimize It

How The Naked Url Works And The Best Way To Optimize It

The 21st century is famous for internet things and online stuff. To access the web, all you need is a link and here is the importance of link building. Links are necessary for everything on the internet and hence online marketing agency building links is famous. Without the links, the websites and the contents will no longer be accessible because everything we do online, happens via links.

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What is an SEO 

Nowadays SEO is getting a lot of attention. It’s a trend which is used by the advertisers to attract customers. Seo stands for search engine optimization. The technique is used in websites. While surfing the web and especially if you are on a website you might see some ads on the website and maybe for an instance, the ads catch your eye. This is One Search Pro agency SEO. The ads might be relevant to your recent searches. Another type of SEO you may be able to experience is, when you type something in your search engine, the first 2 or 3 results show the ads of your keyword search. That is a type of SEO too. A lump-sum amount of money can be earned through it.


What is a backlink 

A backlink is a hyperlinked website which takes you to one website from another website. The ads you see on the website are the hyperlinks and if you click on one of those ads, a different website will open, so basically you are going from one website to another website. You can earn from here in two ways, one is the PPC method and the other one is by increasing the traffic on the server. The backlinks referred to the incoming links of a webpage. Backlinks are used to decide on a website’s rankings. The website having more backlinks is the website that stays higher on the rank.


What is a naked link?

A naked link is a link that shows the URL itself. That means the link is totally visible to the reader and that is why it’s called naked URL or naked link. A naked URL is very similar to the hyperlink. If you are in a website watching or reading content and you show a link which is visible to you and click on the link and then you will be redirected to another website and that is how naked link works in a similar way to the hyperlink and it’s a hyperlink. A naked URL is important from a branding, advertising, and minimalistic perspective.

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www or no www link

Talking about the SEO practices here comes the important factor to consider: naked URL variations where you need to decide if your link consists of WWW or not. However, the most popular way nowadays is the WWW URLs which attract more eyes than without WWW URLs. The optimization depends totally on you and if you can attractively optimize the URL then definitely you will get the results. If you are a beginner, it would be wise to use WWW in the URL.

The naked URL and its optimization take practices and experience to implement it successfully and gain the customers and views on the website. The ranking matters on the views and that is why the naked URL is getting a lot of attention lately.


Author: Evelyn Obrien